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Published on October 6th, 2016



A rule of thumb: If you don’t remember committing a crime, chances are you didn’t commit one.

So when “the government” calls and leaves a voicemail threatening imminent charges for an unspecified crime you’re almost certain you didn’t commit — no, eating gluten is not a crime — the caller is less interested in holding you accountable than scamming you out of money and/or personal information.

It’s an age-old scam but one of the latest versions can be traced to Long Island, New York and the number 631-343-3867. A reader said she recently received a voicemail from the number saying she had to answer in court to some vague tax violation. When dialed the digits, however, it didn’t ring.

So we threw the number into a reverse phone lookup on The verdict came back “scam or fraud” with a “spam activity level” of “high.” In other words, congratulations, you’re innocent.

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One Response to 631-343-3867

  1. J.T. S. says:

    I’ve received several of these calls. I asked my cousin, who is a lawyer the first time I found their message in my voice mail. My cousin’s response was to refer them to my cousin and it would be resolved in court. So now when thy call and get to the part where they want to give me te docket number and a phone number to call about it, I counter that I’ll give them the number of my lawyer and they and my lawyer can hash it all out eliminating the middle man. It’s actually funny how quickly they hang up on me. Even my cousin the lawyer thought it hysterical when I told her.

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