7-Select “Pure Alkaline Water”

March 2019: This action was voluntarily dismissed with prejudice, the reasons for which have been disclosed.

January 2019: Plaintiffs filed an amended complaint similarly alleging that 7-Eleven misleadingly markets that its alkaline water provides superior hydration when, according to the complaint, the product is not superior to other bottled or tap waters. The amended complaint also adds allegations that the retailer represents that the pH of its waters is greater than 9.5 when, according to plaintiffs, the pH is actually 7.4.

September 2018: A class-action lawsuit was filed against 7-Eleven for allegedly misleadingly marketing 7-Select “Pure Alkaline Water” as providing superior hydration than non-alkalinized waters due to the pH level of 7-Select Pure Alkaline Water without adequate scientific evidence to support such claims. (Johnson et al v. 7-Eleven, Inc., Case No. 18-cv-5351, E. D. NY.)

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When a complaint is dismissed with prejudice, it cannot be refiled.

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