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April 11th, 2019

March 2019: A federal judge preliminarily approved a settlement agreement that would resolve this case, as well as three related cases, Weber v., Beals v. Audible, Inc., and Fisse v. Audible, Inc. The settlement agreement provides class members who lost credits with up to four free audiobooks. Audible also agreed to reimburse class members


March 17th, 2017

Listen up to these important terms regarding the audiobook company’s membership program.

Ryan ToysReview: Target Audience

August 28th, 2019

In order to establish the age of Ryan ToysReview’s target audience, conducted an appraisal of every video published on the YouTube channel between January 1 and July 31, 2019, which revealed that 92 percent promote at least one product or television/YouTube program that is appropriate for – and targeted at – children under the

Farrah Abraham Instagram Database

February 28th, 2019 investigated 21 social media influencers who have received two FTC letters notifying them of their legal obligation to clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships with brands when promoting products or services on social media platforms, such as Instagram. collected more than 1,400 ads from 20 of the 21 influencers collectively promoting more than 500 companies between

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