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The Dimensions of Lumber at Home Depot

March 26th, 2018

March 2018: A federal judge granted Home Depot’s motion to dismiss finding, among other things, that the labels are not misleading to reasonable consumers because they have enough information to determine the actual dimensions of the wood. The case was dismissed . March 2017: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Home Depot for allegedly falsely

Mahogany Lumber at Home Depot

January 9th, 2018

In January 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Home Depot for allegedly misrepresenting that its lumber is mahogany when, according to plaintiffs, the wood is not mahogany and is actually other species of wood, such as eucalyptus. (Golden et al v. Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., Case No. 18-cv-33, E. D. CA.) For more of

Dimensions of Lumber Sold at Menards Stores

April 4th, 2017

October 2017: The named plaintiffs filed a Notice of Appeal regarding the dismissal. September 2017: A federal judge dismissed this case concluding that the labels are not deceptive. Among other things, the judge found that reasonable consumers would not think that the labels showed the exact dimensions of the lumber and they had access to

Lumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring

June 24th, 2015

June 2015: Some of the class-action lawsuits against Lumber Liquidators were transferred to one court where they will be heard together. (In Re: Lumber Liquidators Chinese-Manufactured Flooring Products Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2627, Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation) Early 2015: Numerous class-action lawsuits were filed against Lumber Liquidators over a

Lumber Liquidators

March 11th, 2015

A recent slew of class-action lawsuits allege company falsely markets its laminate flooring as safe.

What Wood You Do?

September 7th, 2018

If you prefer real wood over the manmade stuff, it’s important that you know how to tell the difference.

The Durability of “Dream Home” Brand Laminate Flooring

October 26th, 2016

In July, August, and September 2016, multiple class-action lawsuits were filed against Lumber Liquidators for allegedly deceptively marketing its “Dream Home” brand laminate flooring as “durable” and meeting the AC3 standard (i.e., the primary industry standard for durability of laminate flooring) when, in reality, the laminate flooring does not meet the AC3 standard and is

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