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Cheddar and Sour Cream PopChips Ridges

December 15th, 2020

In December 2020, a class-action lawsuit was filed against VMG Partners for allegedly falsely advertising that the characterizing flavors in Cheddar & Sour Cream PopChips Ridges are cheddar cheese and sour cream when, according to plaintiffs, the chips do not contain enough cheddar cheese to provide flavor on its own and the ingredients list reveals

Bags of Popchips Galaxy Puffs

October 31st, 2019

In August 2019, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Popchips for allegedly deceptively using ed bags for its Popchips Galaxy Puffs to make consumers think the bags contain more product than they actually do. According to the complaint, the bags are approximately 50% empty space. (Greenstein et al v. Popchips, Inc., Case No. 19-cv-6985, C.

Popchips Snacks

September 16th, 2014

March 2014: A judge gave final approval of the settlement to this lawsuit. November 2013: A state court judge preliminarily approved a $2,400,000 settlement ($2,100,000 of which is in cash and the remainder in vouchers) to a class-action lawsuit filed against Popchips, Inc. in April 2013. The agreement will settle claims that Popchips falsely labels

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