Agora Status and Updates

June 16, 2021: files a complaint with the FTC against the Agora companies, finding that they are violating the February 2021 Stipulated Order by continuing to market products using unsubstantiated disease-treatment claims and misleading financial representations. also notifies the FTC that the companies are using dark patterns to induce their target audience – senior citizens and retirees – to purchase products they otherwise would not have purchased.

February 8, 2021: A Stipulated Order is entered in federal district court against the defendants, as well as parent company Monument & Cathedral Holdings (“M&C,” formerly known as Agora, Inc. and The Agora) that, among other things, bars them from making unsubstantiated health claims and misleading financial representations and requires them to pay more than $2 million.

October 24, 2019: The FTC sues five Agora entities (Agora Financial, NewMarket Health, NewMarket Publishing, Health Sense Media, and Health Sense Publishing), along with affiliates Dr. Richard Gerhauser and Zachary Scheidt, alleging they tricked seniors into purchasing publications using deceptive health and income representations.

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