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As a result of receiving a tip from a major national news network, launched an investigation into Revlon’s new Almay Simply American™ marketing campaign.  What it found is that the campaign — which includes television commercials, social media, online ads, and a national bus tour, all replete with American flags and other patriotic symbolism  — makes the implied, unqualified claim that the Almay product line is Made in the USA.  However, more than 95 percent of the cosmetics sold on the Almay website fail to meet the legal standard for making such a claim.  In fact, of the seven products featured in the company’s Simply American commercial starring Carrie Underwood, one is made in China, one is made in Germany, and another is made in the Czech Republic. sent a warning letter to Revlon on May 8, 2015 explaining its findings and asking that it make timely changes to its Almay Simply American™ campaign.  Though the company responded, it disagrees with’s findings, has asked to “discontinue any further inquiry into Almay’s advertising,” and has not made any noticeable changes to its campaign.  Accordingly, on May 19, 2015, filed a complaint letter with the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the New York Attorney General’s Office, requesting that they take action to halt Revlon’s deceptive marketing.

As a result of’s efforts, on July 1, 2015, Revlon changed its “Almay Simply American™” slogan to “Almay The American Look™.”  And as of April 2017, the company dropped its slogan entirely.

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