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Published on October 19th, 2016


AT&T Internet Bundle

In the time it took for an AT&T employee to come clean with the actual cost of this Internet bundle advertised on, which claims to be an “AT&T authorized retailer,” a reader could have tended to a number of tasks. In truth, there were many ways in which the reader would have rather spent the half hour he said it took for the employee to inform him over the phone that a mandatory $10 monthly equipment fee would bump up the price to $30/month.

Why the mandatory $10 monthly equipment fee is not factored into the price is unclear. (Only by hovering over “Offer Details” in the pink bubble containing the offer does one find a pop up disclosing that a “10/mo Internet equipment fee applies.”) What is clear, though, is the reader’s frustration. He said:

The company selling the product makes me invest a lot of time in the conversation, based on a false premise, then tells me that the advertised offer is not actually available.

AT&T also offers an Internet bundle on its own website, But that promotion, at $30/month, includes the mandatory $10 monthly equipment fee. reached out to AT&T for comment. Check back for updates.

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2 Responses to AT&T Internet Bundle

  1. Nathan J. says:

    $30 are the most affordable rates to get the internet access, home phone and cable services in a bundle. I also subscribe to the AT&T bundles and gets the high speed internet access and reliable cable services with home phone and saves a big amount.

  2. Alex A. says:

    AT&T does advertise their starting package as $30 but in actuality, it comes at $49.99. It still is a great deal and a highly competitive price range considering that their competitors also offer their internet bundles at around $29.99 – $49.99. I also read from Get Internet that for a limited time, new subscribers also get a $100 Visa Rewards Card. Still a great deal for the price and service.

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