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Published on June 12th, 2013



Carfax, Inc. has discontinued certain broadcast advertising after receiving a letter of inquiry from NAD. The industry self-regulatory body said that the commercials imply that consumers can rely on a Carfax report alone for a vehicle’s complete history. The statements in the commercial include:

 –You want to see the accidents and service records reported to CARFAX and a price based on the car’s history.

-Just give me the Carfax.

-Before you buy a car, just say ‘Show me the Carfax’.

-Don’t run the risk of buying used cars with costly hidden problems.  Get a detailed vehicle history report from our nationwide database within seconds.

NAD requested evidence to support these statements and their implication that Carfax is a complete source of information. Carfax responded to NAD, saying that it would remove the commercial for business reasons, even though it believes the ad to be truthful.

When buying a car, be sure to ask questions, and check multiple sources for information on its history.

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The National Advertising Division, or NAD, is an investigative unit of the advertising industry’s system of self-regulation. It is administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. NAD asks advertisers to substantiate or change their claims in advertisements. As part of a voluntary system of self-regulation, however, its recommendations can be ignored by the offending advertisers. In those instances, NAD refers the offender to federal consumer protection agencies.

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  1. txtemp2 says:

    Carfax still continues to use the 4 misleading statemants (see Carfax’s website).

    Remember, the #1 reason vehicles with existing problems are purchase is the buyers’ inability to determine the true condition of the vehicle. A Carfax (or any history report) cannot tell the buyer the current condition on ANY electrical or mechanical systems, and most accidents don’t show up on a Carfax report. Only a professional pre-purchase inspection is your best protection against buying a bad car.

    Be mindful when getting a pre-purchase inspection. There are no standardizations for pre-purchase inspection and there are huge differences between Automotive Technicians. Most buyers don’t know the difference between an “ASE Technician” and an “ASE Master Technician” and a “Frame Specialist”.

    Choosing the right Technician and the information needed from a pre-purchase inspection is explained at the Non-Profit consumer information site “UsedCarInspections.ORG”.

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