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August 1st, 2013

CCW Safe advertises its services with commercials and radio spots. We’re not fans of this particular ad above, in part because the ad’s scare-tactic pitch and generally disturbing tone make us uncomfortable.

We’re also not crazy about this ad because CCW Safe explains its services in a way that seems slightly misleading. What CCW Safe offers is subscription service that will pay your legal fees should you shoot someone in self-defense with your licensed and concealed weapon. CCW makes it clear this is not the same thing as insurance, and that you won’t have to pay deductibles with their service. But they don’t make clear why that might be a bad thing. The terms of service notes that “any money judgements rendered against a member is the responsibility of the member.” So if you shoot someone with your concealed weapon and lose the case, you’re on the hook for the payout. If you’re insured, the insurance company should cover part of the penalty. Concealed weapon carriers interested in this type of service should be aware that CCW Safe does not cover money judgements.

Also, advises consumers to please try not to kill anyone if at all possible.

For more on CCW Safe read here.

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3 Responses to CCW Safe

  1. Mike K. says:

    Dear TINA,

    Thank you for your August 1st article about CCW Safe. If you don’t mind, I would like to address the issues the author raised.

    The author seems to be concerned with CCW Safe not covering judgments. The Truth IN Advertising is, the author is correct, we don’t cover judgments. The article also correctly points out that we clearly state that in our Terms Of Service. Specifically, we don’t cover any penalties in a criminal action, judgments in a civil action, or bail.

    The services that we do provide are substantial though. Should one of our members find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of having to defend themselves with any weapon, a call to CCW Safe sets your legal defense team in motion. We provide a highly qualified lawyer, an experienced investigator, and whatever expert witnesses that might be needed at trial. Members are represented in all criminal, civil and administrative actions without a deductible or limit on costs. We are there to do everything possible to protect and defend our members legal rights.

    The best way to illustrate this would be to use the recent case of George Zimmerman. While CCW Safe had no part in the Zimmerman action, it is an excellent example to use here.

    The tragedy began the moment Mr. Zimmerman felt he had to ‘pull the trigger’ to defend his life. Sadly, in that moment a young man lost his life. Sadly, in that moment George Zimmerman’s nightmare had just begun. He cooperated with the police, answered all their questions and the local investigators determined that he was justified in using force to defend himself. Then came the political machine. When national news got wind of the case, politicians got involved and Mr. Zimmerman was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder. As we know, a jury ultimately found him Not Guilty of the 2nd degree murder charge and the lesser charge of manslaughter, but there can be no doubt that his legal expenses for that one trial ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. All of the lawyers, all of the experts, all of the expenses have left Mr. Zimmerman utterly financially devastated.

    Are his legal troubles over? Not even close. Shortly after the criminal trial ended, the Attorney General of The United States announced that they have launched an investigation to see if Mr. Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin’s civil rights. That’s a whole new criminal trial for Mr. Zimmerman should he be charged. The family of Trayvon Martin is almost certainly going to file a civil suit against Mr. Zimmerman. The costs of defending against that could run just as high as his criminal trial. Unfortunately for Mr. Zimmerman, he’s broke.

    Mr. Zimmerman’s nightmare will never be over. Had Mr. Zimmerman been a member of CCW Safe prior to that tragic moment when his life changed forever, he wouldn’t have to worry about the legal expenses. For a $99 membership, CCW Safe would have had a lawyer standing in front of him within a few hours after the incident occurred. We would have dispatched an experienced investigator to do our own investigation, paying particular attention to protecting our member. You have to remember, the police are there to collect evidence to prosecute you. Should a trial ensue, our experts all have impeccable credentials and are highly experienced in their fields of murder investigations, crime scene reconstruction, medical and psychological examinations, and self defense. We would do all of this without the member having to spend a single penny beyond their membership dues. We would do it for any criminal action, civil action, appeals and administrative action. We would do it without any deductible or limit on cost. Like any business, we offer a certain service for a certain price. We openly disclose our terms of our service for the price we ask. If we were to include coverage for judgments, penalties, and bail, we would have to raise our prices accordingly to cover the added exposure. Our members do not feel that is necessary.

    Our motto is, “We got your back”. We take that very seriously. We believe the success of our company depends on our doing everything we can to protect and defend our members.

    As to our ad that was included in the article, the author is correct, it is a disturbing tone. Unfortunately, it’s accurate. You never know when you will encounter evil, but incidents like the one portrayed in the ad do happen. People who have legitimately defended themselves have found themselves embroiled in a new fight for their life defending against a civil suit. If you don’t fight the civil suite just as vigorously as a criminal case you could lose everything you worked for your entire life, even if you were justified in using deadly force. Ask yourself which would be better, paying for a lawyer out of pocket, or having a $99 membership with CCW Safe and get a legal team consisting of all the lawyers, investigators and experts needed to go through any trials or appeals?


    Mike Keeney
    CCW Safe, LLC

  2. David S. says:

    I found TINA and this review because I wanted to compare CCW Safe to the other companies providing this type of service. My first reaction is the author was totally unqualified to do the review. He completely failed to understand the point of view and needs of the target demographic. His comments indicate he does not understand what some with a CCW license wants or needs. If this is indicative of other TINA reviews then this website is a complete waste of bandwidth.

  3. Mike K. says:

    I agree.

    Also, in my original response to the TINA article I mentioned that the legal expenses Mr. Zimmerman would incur would likely be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since then his legal bill has been made public. His very close “victory” came at the price of $2.8 million dollars. That’s just for the criminal trial alone. Had he been a member of CCW SAFE at the time of the incident, we would have covered that cost completely. Also, had he been a member and “lost” or if there was a hung jury, we would have covered those costs as well.

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