Ciroc Deceptive Influencer Marketing Database investigated Diageo’s use of social media influencers to market its Ciroc brand on Instagram. In doing so, collected more than 1,700 Ciroc alcohol ads on Instagram across 50 different social media influencers in which the influencers failed to disclose their material connection to the brand in a clear and conspicuous manner. In addition, none of the social media influencers have age-gating features on their Instagram accounts so minors can view the inadequately disclosed alcohol ads.

For each of the social media influencers listed below, has collected (1) evidence that the influencer has a material connection to Diageo that must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in each Instagram post that promotes Ciroc; and (2) a sampling of the influencer’s inadequately disclosed Ciroc ads, the size of which ranges from one example to hundreds of examples depending on the influencer.

For an explanation of social media influencers’ obligations to disclose their material connections, click here.

To view’s sampling of Ciroc ads for each influencer (as well as the influencer’s material connection to Ciroc or the brand’s parent company Diageo), click on the influencer’s name below.*

* Of note, influencers’ tagging of companies in the images posted is only visible when a viewer is logged into Instagram and hovers over the image or clicks on the image. Also, on occasion, a disclosure — such as #ad — is visible in the caption of a post without clicking on “more” to expand the caption box when the post is viewed from a computer, but the disclosure is not visible without clicking on “more” when the post is viewed from a mobile device.  Here is an example. Of further note, sometimes Instagram’s built-in tool to declare sponsored posts — i.e., stating “Paid Partnership” at the top of an image (which does not satisfy the FTC’s requirement to clearly and conspicuously disclose material connections) — is not visible when the post is viewed without being logged into Instagram. See an example here.