Citizens of Humanity Jeans and Macy’s

February 2017: A federal judge dismissed this case with prejudice after the named plaintiff notified the Court that she did not intend to amend her complaint.

December 2016: A federal judge granted the company’s motion to dismiss this action finding that the allegations were conclusory, did not state a plausible claim for relief, and did not meet the heightened pleading standard required for fraud-based claims. The judge also found that that the named plaintiff did not have standing (i.e., a proper basis to sue) for products she did not purchase. The judge gave the named plaintiff until January 27, 2017 to amend her complaint.

May 2016: An amended complaint making similar allegations (i.e., that apparel is labeled as “Made in the U.S.A.” when parts of the apparel are from outside of the United States) was filed naming only Citizens of Humanity as a defendant. (Hass et al v. Citizens of Humanity, LLC and Does 1-100, Case No. 14-cv-1404, S. D. CA.)

June 2014: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Citizens of Humanity (a manufacturer of denim jean products, including the Boyfriend brand jeans) and Macy’s (a retailer of the Boyfriend brand jeans) for allegedly mislabeling apparel. Specifically, the complaint alleges that the company labels apparel as “Made in the USA” when parts of the apparel – including the fabric, thread, and buttons – are actually manufactured outside of the United States. (Clark et al v. Citizens of Humanity, LLC, Macy’s, Inc., and Does 1-100, Case No. 14-cv-01404, S. D. CA.).

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When a complaint is dismissed with prejudice, it cannot be refiled.

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