Complaint Letter to NourishLife

March 19, 2013

Mark Nottoli, President, Founder
NourishLife, LLC
272 E. Deerpath Rd., Suite 244
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Re:       Deceptive Advertising of SpeechNutrients speak™

Mr. Nottoli:

I am writing to you on behalf of Truth in Advertising, Inc., a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to protecting consumers from deceptive advertising.  We have found that your company, NourishLife, LLC, has been engaged in a deceptive marketing campaign for the supplement SpeechNutrients speak™ (“Speak”), which is aimed at children with speech delays. Specifically, we have found that:

  • NourishLife claims the Speak formula is patented when, in fact, there is no patent for the formula and never has been.  Though Dr. Claudia Morris filed Patent Application 20080213239 for the formula in February 2008, the application was rejected in December 2011. 
  • NourishLife claims Speak is clinically proven to support normal and healthy speech development and maintenance when, in fact, there is no competent or reliable scientific evidence to support such a claim.
  • All but one of the “family” photos associated with the testimonials regarding the effectiveness of Speak posted on NourishLife’s website,                       , are fakes – professional photos that were purchased on
  • NourishLife claims Speak contains “pharmaceutical grade” omega-3, when, pursuant to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there is no such thing.
  • NourishLife created another website,, that poses as an independent resource for information on apraxia, but is really just another forum used to market Speak.
  • The Speak formula contains an amount of vitamin E that far exceeds the tolerable upper intake level set by the Food and Nutrition Board, and may be hazardous to the health of children, but NourishLife does not warn consumers of these facts.

Based on this information, we intend to notify the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Illinois Attorney General, Dr. Claudia Morris, Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, and the Better Business Bureau that NourishLife is deceptively marketing Speak, unless, by March 26, 2013, you show us that you have fully corrected the issues described above across all of NourishLife’s marketing materials and that you have made every effort to alert your Speak customers of these issues.


Laura Smith
Legal Director
Truth in Advertising, Inc.


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