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Published on September 4th, 2013


Consumers Urge Regulators to Stop Pyramid Scheme

More than 5,000 consumers are asking government regulators to move more quickly to shut down an illegal pyramid scheme uncovered by ( first notified federal and state regulators over 100 days ago that Resorts360 Vacation Club, LLC, a Washington-based company, was operating a pyramid scheme in the guise of a discount vacation club. While members who join the club are promised an opportunity to earn a substantial income, the company’s compensation program is based exclusively on recruiting new members and not on the sale or use of any travel discounts, which by definition makes it a pyramid scheme.

In order to keep the scheme going, an endless number of new recruits are needed and the vast majority of participants end up losing money because there is no one below them in the pyramid. contacted the Washington Attorney General and the FTC, alerting them to the scheme and requesting action in May 2013. But to date, nothing has been done. Tuesday, sponsored a petition on asking consumers to urge the FTC and Washington Attorney General to take immediate action.

Add your name to the petition and help put an end to Resorts360’s deceptive pyramid scheme.

For more information on’s efforts on Resorts360, click here.

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  1. mitchellme says:

    What has become of your efforts against Resorts 360?

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