Corvette Z06

March 2018: The parties in three of the 2017 cases (Jankovskis, Jasper, and Minarik) agreed to transfer the actions to the Michigan court where Matanky v. General Motors is pending. General Motors then moved to transfer the Vazquez case to the same court.

February 2018: Another class-action lawsuit making similar allegations was filed against General Motors. (Matanky et al v. General Motors LLC, Case No. 18-cv-10601, E. D. MI.)

2017: Class-action lawsuits were filed against General Motors for allegedly falsely advertising that its Corvette Z06 is built for race track driving when, according to plaintiffs, the car cannot withstand the demands of race track driving due to its ineffective cooling system, which causes the car to overheat and go into “Limp Mode” at drastically reduced speed and power. Click on the links below to read each complaint.

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