Failure to Disclose Material Connections’s investigation revealed that DealDash holds auctions for, positively describes, and endorses products that are sold by companies chaired or founded by DealDash founder William Wolfram, a fact that is not disclosed to consumers in any DealDash marketing materials.

Below is the evidence of these undisclosed material connections.

• William Wolfram, DealDash:, Our Team (showing Wolfram as Founder)

Minnesota Secretary of State (lists William Wolfram as CEO of DealDash)

• William Wolfram, various other companies:

Below is a sampling of nine companies chaired or founded by William Wolfram whose products are auctioned and endorsed by DealDash.

+ Kamikoto

+ New Haven

+ Schulz

+ The Barrel Shack

+ Verdict

+ Bolvaint

+ Wilson & Miller

+ Ashlynn Avenue

+ Total Trivia

These nine companies account for more than 40% of auctions on during a 24-hour period: PDF.

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