Failure to Disclose Material Connections’s investigation revealed that DealDash holds auctions for, positively describes, and endorses products that are sold by companies chaired or founded by DealDash founder William Wolfram, a fact that is not disclosed to consumers in any DealDash marketing materials.

Below is the evidence of these undisclosed material connections.

• William Wolfram, DealDash:, Our Team (showing Wolfram as Founder)

Minnesota Secretary of State (lists William Wolfram as CEO of DealDash)

• William Wolfram, various other companies:

Below is a sampling of nine companies chaired or founded by William Wolfram whose products are auctioned and endorsed by DealDash.

+ Kamikoto

+ New Haven

+ Schulz

+ The Barrel Shack

+ Verdict

+ Bolvaint

+ Wilson & Miller

+ Ashlynn Avenue

+ Total Trivia

These nine companies account for more than 40% of auctions on during a 24-hour period: PDF.

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One Response to Failure to Disclose Material Connections

  1. Alice E. says:

    The fake companies of luxury merchandise is what gets
    me. No phone numbers, webpages all have same format,
    questionable physical address. Ex: Bolvaint had an
    address in Europe at one time that was actually occupied
    by another business. LOL. Some have UPS type address
    All of the business appear on the webpage as a luxury
    company no one but DealDash has heard of and start
    selling on dealdash the same year they establish a
    web presence. Those are DealDash owners contracting
    their old college buds to make junk on commissio. Of
    course not talking about established companies like
    Apple, Xbox, etc. Now they are selling Lordship and
    Ladyship land titles in Scotland. Again, just started
    selling this month on deal dash and the company just
    appeared on the internet this year. Not talking about the
    land they are selling. You can check with registration in
    Scotland to see if that’s real. Which I plan to do.

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