Do Not Call Registry: There’s an App for That!

By now, you should know how important it is to register your personal phone(s) with the National-Do-Not Call Registry.  Especially as more of us dump our landlines and go with mobile only, it is critical to include cell phone numbers too.  However, despite our best efforts, the registry is not 100% foolproof and a few bad apples still manage to interrupt our daily activities with their robotic (and illegal) credit card and home-replacement window offers.

PrivacyStar (currently $2.99/mo) is a an app created for Android and Blackberry smart phones that provides privacy features such as call-blocking, caller lookup/ID services and the like.  It also allows users to report Do Not Call Registry violations directly to the FTC.  According to their website, over 200,000 complaints have been filed to date.

Read more about the Do Not Call Registry including how to register here.

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