Don’t Make a Meal of these Turkey Day Marketing Ploys

November 17th, 2016

Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner can be a dizzying affair. Between the bird — do you buy fresh or frozen, kosher or non kosher, free range or factory farmed — to an array of possible side dishes, making out a grocery list in late November can feel like filling out your tax forms. Then there are marketers that may claim that their Thanksgiving fare is more nutritious — or there is more of it — than it really is. Here are some of those challenged ad claims to digest before heading out to the store.


Also, when picking a nice bottle of wine to go with the meal, be wary of ratings for the vintage. A investigation earlier this year found that the vast majority of in-store wine ratings reviewed were for bottles other than the one on the shelf. So be sure to match up the year on the sign with the year on the bottle before taking the bottle home.

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You know when you buy a big bag of chips, and you’re all psyched for a feast, and then it turns out there are like, three chips in the bag? That bag is slack filled.

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