Endeavor Metals’ ‘Free’ Shipping Will Cost You $15K

October 31st, 2014

How much would you pay for free shipping? Pretending the question makes even the slightest sliver of sense, how does $15,000 sound? Problem?

Endeavor Metals, a precious metals seller, advertises on its homepage that it will ship its metals free to anywhere in the continental U.S. The graphic below is prominent on the page and contains three stars for who knows what.

Endeavor Metals free shipping graphic

But it turns out that you’ve got to cough up a pretty penny in order to get the “free” shipping. We found this fact buried on the company’s FAQ page. It was the 36th question down.

endeavor metals shipping policy
So Endeavor Metals seems to have transcended the very meaning of free. But hold the phone because that’s not the only problem. Moving on to the company’s refunds and returns policy, there’s conflicting information on whether they even offer refunds or returns. Again, on the FAQ page, there’s this language:

Endeavor Metals return policy

But on the company’s disclosure page, we find this lingo:

Endeavor Metals refunds returns disclosure

So, upon closer inspection of the two contradictory policies above, we find that the company won’t let you cancel any order after your first, and charges a 20 percent restocking fee on returned items.

Then there’s this: the policy that a customer pays for any market loss on returns but any market gains on refunds goes to, you guessed it, Endeavor Metals.

Besides the red flags here, an investment in gold or other precious metals can be useful components of a portfolio. But consumers need to play it smart and consider the risks.

UPDATE 10/1/15: The gold map of the U.S. has been removed from the Endeavor Metals website and the site now states that customers will get free shipping on orders of $500 or more.

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