Excelsior College’s Nursing Program

In October 2017, a false advertising class-action lawsuit was filed against Excelsior College for allegedly making misrepresentations about its Associate Degree in Nursing program. Among other things, the complaint claims that the school:

  • misrepresents that it is an “altruistic educational organization” when, according to plaintiffs, the school’s “sole purpose and motivation is profit;”
  • misrepresents that there are testing sites available to take the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE) within a few months when, according to plaintiffs, students often have to wait months to be assigned a testing site because the school has “difficulties” staffing sites with qualified examiners;
  • discloses some misleading information and fails to disclose other information about its associate nursing program and the CPNE;
  • falsely promises that its nursing program provides knowledge and skills necessary for a nursing career when, according to plaintiffs, the school does not provide clinical education; and
  • misleadingly represents that the Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment is an objective test that “measures knowledge, understanding, and applied skills required of the associate degree nurse” when, according to plaintiffs, the test is not objective.

(Williams et al v. Excelsior College, Case No. 17-cv-6263, E. D. NY.)

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