Five Common Complaints about Guthy-Renker

June 25th, 2013

Infomercial maker Guthy-Renker is responsible for high-production TV ads for a number of beauty and health products, including Proactive, Wen, and Meaningful Beauty, pitching these mail-order products with celebrity endorsers. But working almost exclusively with negative-option offers, the company has drawn a number of consumer complaints. Here are five of the most common:

  1. Unauthorized billing – Consumers complain that Guthy-Renker charges their credit cards without authorization for products they didn’t order, or charges more money than agreed upon.
  2. Difficulty cancelling orders – Products like Proactive use negative-option offers, charging the consumer month after month unless they cancel. But Guthy-Renker customers complain that cancelling a subscription is difficult, resulting in even more bills.
  3. Billing for products that never arrive – Another common complaint.  Customers complain that they are billed for additional products they didn’t want and that never arrive.
  4. Unhelpful customer service – According to consumers, customer service representatives from Guthy-Renker delay, attempt to upsell, and don’t always seem ready to solve issues.
  5. Denying refunds – Consumers who jump through all the hoops to get a refund claim that they are sometimes denied that refund anyway, despite money-back guarantees.
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