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After receiving a complaint from a reader, investigated the U.S. General Services Administration’s online shopping and ordering system – GSA Advantage!® – and found that it contains numerous inaccurate Made in the USA representations on its website,  Specifically, compiled a sampling of more than 100 errors on the GSA Advantage!® site, which supplies products and services to other federal agencies, the District of Columbia, state and local governments, and certain nonprofit agencies, among others. This sampling of errors ranges across various product types, including numerous food service products and printer cartridges, and contains several products that are actually entirely made in China, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, and elsewhere despite being incorrectly labeled as wholly USA-made.

Such errors exist despite the fact that the GSA was put on notice of this type of issue in January 2016 by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York, who urged the government agency to review its product listings and remove the errors.

As a result of these findings, sent a letter to the GSA on March 11, 2016 alerting it to the continuing issue and requesting that it correct the errors immediately, as well as implement a mechanism to ensure that these types of errors do not happen again in the future.

For details about’s communications with the GSA, use the menu.

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