Grand Canyon University

September 2019: The named plaintiff Young filed a Notice of Appeal regarding the court’s decision to compel arbitration. Later in September, two of the named plaintiffs (Carr and Stanton) filed a lawsuit in an Arizona court similarly alleging that the university misleadingly represents that its doctoral programs can be completed in 60 credit hours when, according to plaintiffs, most students do not complete the program in 60 credit hours because they need more than three credit hours to complete their dissertations. (Carr et al v. Grand Canyon University, Case No. 19-cv-5214, D. AZ.)

August 2019: A federal judge dismissed the claims of all but one of the named plaintiffs for lack of personal jurisdiction because they are not citizens of Georgia or enrolled in the university’s programs in Georgia. The judge granted the university’s motion to compel arbitration for the remaining plaintiff’s (Young’s) claims.

April 2019: This case was transferred to federal court. (Case No. 19-cv-1707, N. D. GA.)

March 2019: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Grand Canyon University for allegedly representing that students can complete doctoral programs – including three dissertation courses – in 60 credit hours when, according to plaintiffs, most students need to take additional courses to complete dissertations because the school does not provide the resources needed to finish them in the allotted 3 credit hours. (Carr et al v. Grand Canyon University et al, Case No. 2019-cv-317885, Georgia State Court – Fulton County)

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