Summary of Action investigated Herbalife International of America, Inc., a multibillion-dollar, California-based multilevel marketing company, and found that the company, through its distributors, deceptively claims that using various Herbalife products can treat and/or prevent the coronavirus by boosting one’s immune system.

As a result of these findings, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on April 27, 2020 urging the agency to take action.

Herbalife is no stranger to the FTC. In 2016, the Commission filed a lawsuit against the company for making deceptive earnings claims used to market the Herbalife business opportunity, which resulted in a $200 million Stipulated Judgment against the company.

Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s salesforce is capitalizing on the fact that there currently is no competent and reliable scientific evidence that any product can effectively treat and/or cure COVID-19 and marketing its supplements and nutrition products as a way to do just that — prevent and treat coronavirus.

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