H.R. 5230 Promotes Pyramid Schemes

The House Committee on Energy And Commerce in the 114th Congress is considering H.R. 5230, a bill ostensibly positioned to prevent pyramid schemes. The bill will not achieve its stated goal. If enacted, H.R. 5230 will result not only in the proliferation of such schemes that victimize consumers, but will also upend the last 40 years of established case law.

Does This New Federal Bill Promote Pyramid Schemes?

An amusing take from TINA.org on what the bill REALLY says.

Why This Anti-Pyramid Scheme Bill is Outrageously Wrong for Consumers

Dr. Peter Vander Nat, former senior economist with the FTC has testified in numerous federal pyramid scheme cases.

An Open Letter to Congress on H.R. 5230

Dr. William Keep is the dean of the business school of TCNJ and an expert consultant on pyramid scheme issues.


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