Hulu’s ‘No Commercials’ Plan

November 25th, 2015

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When is commercial-free not commercial-free? When you want to watch Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or How to Get Away with Murder on Hulu’s new so-called “No Commercials” plan.

The streaming service says those three shows, as well as four others, are not included in its No Commercials plan, meaning that viewers watching the seven shows will still have to endure ads before and after each episode. Hulu says “streaming rights” prevent it from offering the shows commercial-free and adds that “the list of shows may change,” which is something to consider.

At $11.99 a month, the No Commercials plan is $4 more a month than the Limited Commercials plan but looking at the hit shows excluded, maybe not as much an upgrade as Hulu makes it out to be.

Hulu is currently advertising “free trials” for both plans, though the promotions are only available to new subscribers and don’t forget to cancel online within a month.

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One Response to Hulu’s ‘No Commercials’ Plan

  1. John S. says:

    I am amazed there has not been a class action lawsuit on this matter. We were watching a 2 year old show and the commercials were for a new medication that was not even available when the show was released. Hulu claims they get the video directly from the network and have no control over the content. Total BS. During our transition we saw commercials on the network that were very different from the repeating ones on Hulu. They even have this annoying little timer the shows how much more time is required to get through the commercials they are injecting. In many cases when watching a newly recorded show on the DVR service, the length of commercials and frequency is greatly increased. Good news is you can cancel at anytime and tell all your friends how bad the service is in reference to commercials.

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