Hypershock Bodybuilding Supplement

June 2014: After the parties agreed to a voluntary dismissal, a federal judge dismissed the class-action lawsuit with prejudice, meaning that plaintiffs cannot refile. We do not know why the parties agreed to dismiss the complaint.

November 2013: A class action complaint was filed against Myogenix, Inc. for allegedly misleading consumers by advertising that its bodybuilding supplement Hypershock contains citrulline malate when it actually does not contain that ingredient. In addition, the company allegedly promises consumers will see “results” – including a “furious desire to Rage through a workout” – when, in reality, the supplement cannot provide the promised results. (Acuna et al v. Myogenix Incorporated and Does 1-10, Case No. 13-cv-02673, S. D. CA.).

For more information about other class-action lawsuits regarding citrulline malate and TINA.org’s coverage of the issue, click here.


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