Infographic: Comments on FTC’s Proposed Made in USA Rule

November 23rd, 2020

UPDATE 7/2/21: In a 3-2 vote, the FTC in July 2021 finalized its Made in USA Labeling Rule. Our original story follows.

In 2019, filed a petition requesting that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) use its rulemaking authority to expand its enforcement abilities and better defend the Made in USA marketing designation. In July 2020, the FTC acted on’s petition and proposed a Made in USA labeling rule that would allow the agency to seek monetary penalties against first-time offenders who blatantly ignore the law. The proposed rule applies to product labels that make broad Made in USA claims.

The agency also solicited feedback from the public regarding the proposed rule. submitted a comment along with 687 other consumers and organizations. See below for an analysis of the comments filed with the FTC regarding the proposed Made in USA labeling rule.

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