It’s Not Webster Bank

November 24th, 2015

Here’s something you can count on. Banks will never request personal information via text. So if you receive a text purporting to be from your bank asking for personal deets, it’s probably a scam phishing for your financial information. Do not click on any links in the text and delete the message right away.

Webster Bank texting scam cropped

One such texting scam currently targeting consumers prompts Webster Bank customers to follow a link to “(r)enew personal details.” The text makes the immediately suspicious claim that this is necessary due to ongoing “maintenance of our network.” And while the message is addressed to Webster Bank customers, a staffer who has never banked with the Connecticut-based financial institution also received the text on Monday.

Webster Bank says in a Facebook post that it is aware of the texting scam and is working to remove the fake Webster Bank log-in websites that the links direct to.

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