Jamie Lee Curtis

October 8th, 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis


Shameful Act: Continuing to endorse Dannon after the company had Curtis mislead consumers in its Activia commercials. The FTC made clear that “[i]n truth and in fact, eating one serving of Activia daily is not clinically proven to relieve temporary irregularity and help with slow intestinal transit time.” Although Dannon paid the FTC $21 million for the false claims made to consumers in Curtis’ ads, Jamie doesn’t seem to care about all the consumers that she deceived. She’s still pushing the product.

Penalty: On the contrary, Jamie continues to get paid for her endorsements.

Where is she now? Still spokeswoman for Activia Yogurt – but now she’s telling you that you have to consume 3 Activias a day (that’s 21 per week) in order to get any digestive benefits.

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