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March 2019: The objector voluntarily dismissed the appeal, the reasons for which have not been disclosed. (Appellate Case No. 19-10125, 11th Cir.)

January 2019: A federal judge granted final approval of the settlement agreement. That same month, an objector filed a Notice of Appeal regarding the final approval of the settlement.

December 2018: A federal judge granted’s motion for leave to file an amicus brief.

November 2018: filed an amicus curiae brief opposing the terms of the proposed settlement. To read’s full brief, click here. For a summary of’s legal efforts in this case, click here.

September 2018: A federal judge granted preliminary approval of the settlement. A final fairness hearing is scheduled for January 8, 2019. For more information, go to

August 2018: Plaintiffs moved for preliminary approval of a proposed settlement agreement. According to its terms, class members (who first meet several requirements) may receive refunds for the amounts paid on Starter Kits. For class members who lost more than the cost of the Starter Kit by, for example, purchasing products that could not be resold, the only recovery permitted under the proposed terms is either through a discounted return policy or a 50 percent refund policy, with each option imposing restrictions and limitations.

July 2018: A federal judge stayed this case while the parties finalize a settlement agreement. The parties have until August 17, 2018 to file a motion for preliminary approval of the agreement.

October 2017: An amended complaint making similar allegations was filed.

September 2017: This case was transferred to a Florida court. (Case No. 17-cv-1624, M. D. FL.)

March 2017: The plaintiff voluntarily dismissed the claims against one of the defendants (Kim Hui) without prejudice, the reasons for which have not been disclosed.

July 2016: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Jeunesse Global, a multilevel marketing company that sells and markets skin care products and supplements, as well as the company’s top distributors. The class-action complaint, which specifically refers to the complaint filed with the FTC about Jeunesse, alleges, among other things, that the company defrauds distributors by operating an illegal pyramid scheme. To learn more about’s legal efforts regarding Jeunesse Global, click here. (Aboltin et al v. Jeunesse, LLC aka Jeunesse Global, Inc. et al, Case No. 16-cv-2574, D. AZ.)

For more information about Jeunesse and’s coverage of the company, click here.

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(Latin for “friend of the courts.”) A person or organization that is not a party to a lawsuit but has a significant interest in the case and offers information that may be important to the court’s determination.

When a complaint is dismissed without prejudice, an amended version of the complaint can be refiled.

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