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Published on October 7th, 2015


Jeunesse Health Claims Database

A investigation has cataloged over 100 instances in which Jeunesse distributors have either made or referenced claims that the Jeunesse product lines can treat, cure, alleviate the symptoms of, prevent, or reduce the risk of developing diseases and disorders.

* has shortened the length of some videos in the database and has added highlighting to some images in order to pinpoint the health claim(s).


Alzheimers Disease, dementia_topdirectionblogspot

Anaphylactic shock_Jeunesse
anti-cancer at instantbeautynow
Arthritis Pain_Youtube
Arthritis, cancer_Facebook


Bike accident_Facebook
Bladder control, spots on brain, memory at Alvin Phua Youtube
Blocked Coronary Arteries, Cancer_jeunessereserve
BP, diabetes, psoriasis_on LinkedIn page
Brain atrophy, and more_Jeunesse Facebook
Breast Cancer, Diabetes_jeunessewellness
Breast lumps, BP, Eczema, plus others on Facebook
Burn_JeuneseGlobal Facebook


Cancer (in comments)_hottestmlmcompanies
Cancer free_facebook
Cancer_Jeunesse Singapore
Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s_instantrejuvenation
Cancer, Strokes and More_Facebook
Cancer, wounds healed, and More_winningyears
cancer | younghealthygorgeous dot wordpress dot com
Cancer at WellnessBeautyWealth dot info
Cancer Prevention | LiveWellStayWealth dot com
Cancer testimonials | on Pinterest
Cancer, diabetes, Eczema, others winantiaging dot com
Cancer, diabetes, plus other at Juliette Fagan Youtube
Cancer, Diabetic Wound at jeunesseyes dot com
Cancer, Gangrene, MS, Stroke, Gout, plus many more – 100GoodStory dot com
Car Accident_instagram
Cholesterol | KelvinHan dot com
Chronic Disease-Global Antiaging
Chronic Pain-Discover Youthful Living Facebook
Colon Cancer-Discover Youthful Living Facebook
Countless diseases_winteamsuccess


Decreases Heart Attack rates at Jeunesse Leader Youtube
Degenerative Disc Disease-Discover Youthful Living Facebook
Dementia and chronic disease_Facebook
Depression, Dementia, cancer and more_jbeauty
Depression, diabetes, BP on mdjunction dot com
Diabetes and Cancer_testimonialsreserve
Diabetes and more_healthybodyskin
Diabetes_ Diabetes Recovery Guide
Diabetes_Jeunesse Singapore
Diabetes, Alzheimers and more_Facebook
Diabetes, Cholesterol, BP, plus others at HealthTreasure dot net
diabetes at cantiquenatural dot blogspot dot com
Diabetes at Juliette Fagan Youtube
Diabetes Free Part 1 at Jeliver Follower Luna Facebook
Diabetes Free Part 2 at Jeliver Follower Luna Facebook
Diabetes JFire TV on YouTube
Diabetes-Discover Youthful Living Facebook
Diabetes, cancer at touched-jeunesse dot com

Diabetes recovery-Instagram
Digestive and Heart Problems_Youtube
Discover Youthful Living – Timeline | Facebook


Eczema and psoriasis at | Pinterest
Eczema and Psoriasis_Facebook
Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, plus others GlobalPartnersGroup YouTube
Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea- The Global Loving Approach on FB
Endometriosis, cancer, eczema, plus others


Fibromyalgia-Discover Youthful Living
Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Psoriasis, plus others at HelpOurHealth dot com
Fight cancer, diabetes_twitter
Flu, migraine, cholesterol, and others at Age Defying Secrets Youtube


Gangrene, MS, Stroke, Cancer, plus others on JeunesseReserve dot wordpress dot com
Gastric issue GlobalStars
Gout, Enlarged Thyroid, Stroke, plus others at Youth-Restored dot com


Heart Disease-Reserve by Jeunesse Global Facebook
HeartDisease, Cancer_Pinterest
Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke-UK Youth Enhancement Facebook
Herpes, Parkinson’s, Gangrene and more_Facebook
Hypertension, diabetes_Facebook


Improvement in joint health, lung capacity, memory, vision, plus others at GlobalHomeBusiness dot com


Jeunesse spider bite_instagram


Kidney Disease, Pain-InstantlyAgelessCanada


Let’s Fight Cancer-Anna Walden Youtube
Liver cancer_hawanie7269
Lung Cancer_Facebook
Lupus at Marcie Blackmon Facebook
Lupus on Grace Grace Grace at Vimeo


MS, Bell’s Palsy, Gout at Joe Davis Youtube
MS, Blood Pressure, Cancer, plus others on blissful-sharing dot blogspot dot com
MS, Cancer, Parkinsons at YouthfulSolution dot com
MS, Stroke, Fibroid, plus more at HealthTreasure dot net
MS, Parkinson’s disease, cancer_Facebook
MS | Youth-Restored dot com
Multiple Myeloma_Facebook


Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis on Discover Youthful Living Facebook


Pancreatic Cancer-Discover Youthful Living Facebook
Parkinson disease2_Facebook
Parkinson’s Disease_GooglePlus
Parkinsons-Global E-Commerce Business Facebook
Parkinson’s, Gangrene, Diabetes at bestjeunesseopportunity
prevent cancer | succeedwithtab dot com
Prevent Cancer at winantiaging dot com
Prostate Cancer_Facebook
Prostate Cancer2_Facebook
Prostate Cancer – NewHopeForAging dot info
Prostate Cancer testimonial on FB
Prostate Cancer-SteffieChia Facebook
Psoriasis_Cellular Rejuvenating Serum
Psorasis – Skin Care | Facebook
Psoriasis – Melissa’s Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse on FB
psoriasis | Facebook
Psoriasis_ Instantly Ageless Facebook
psoriasis at carineghb dot blogspot dot com
Psoriasis Experiment with Jeunesse serum
Psoriasis testimonial | Facebook
Psoriasis treatment on ebay


Radiation at sapwingjeunesse dot blogspot dot com
Reducing Arthritis Inflammation- Nadia Krolikowski Youtube
Reserve-DNA Damage


Skin cancer on face Yes You Can facebook
Skin Cancer_facebook
Skin cancer-Yes You Can Facebook
Skin lesions at lifenewcreation dot blogspot dot com
Skin Disease_Youtube
Spinal Injury-Reserve by Jeunesse Global Facebook
Stage 4-cancer
Stage 4 colon cancer at ilookyoungnow dot com
Stomach Ulcers, Vertigo and Osteoporosis at Jeunesse Global Hayashi YouTube
Stroke, Cancer_knowjeunesse
Stroke-Discover Youthful Living Facebook
Stroke, blood pressure at yunar dot empowernetwork dot com
Stroke, hemorrhoids, asthma, plus others on resveratrolreserve dot blogspot dot com
Stroke, Parkinsons, Cancer, plus others | HealthTreasure dot net
Suppresses cancer cells and other dreaded illnesses at youth


Throat cancer, stomach ulcer at youthfulmiracle dot blogspot
Thyroid cancer_Facebook
Thyroid Cancer at Pisek Dusadiporn Youtube
Thyroid cancer at PlusThyroid dot com
Thyroid cancer at Revaiv Seven Youtube

Tumors, Heart Disease and More_Facebook


UTI, blood pressure, depression and others at electricphysique dot com

Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome_Pinterest
Womb cancer_Facebook
Wound healing_Facebook


UPDATE 6/6/16: A December 2015 audit revealed that many health claims in the database below have been removed. However, over 70 new examples of inappropriate health claims were found since the original publication of this database. New health claims are highlighted in blue.

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