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Published on December 15th, 2014


Laminine’s Hatched Up Health Claims

The story behind the dietary supplement Laminine sounds like something out of science fiction.

On the ninth day of a hen egg’s incubation, the egg contains “all the necessary elements to create life,” reads a paragraph on the Laminine website about the origin of the supplement. It is at this point, the story goes, when a “highly potent tissue is extracted” from the fertilized hen egg. The tissue is then blended with proteins and amino acids to create Laminine.

This kooky backstory is just one reason to question the purported anti-aging benefits of Laminine. Here are three more:

  • Hypotheses and theories Rather than actual scientific evidence that cites clinical studies, the benefits of Laminine are backed by hypotheses and theories. (See section titled “Who Developed It?” at, which sells Laminine.) It’s also worth noting, on the same site, the disclaimer that “statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”
  • FDA advisory in the Philippines While it’s manufactured in the U.S., the FDA in the Philippines last year warned Filipinos about Laminine. The agency warned against the peddling of the product on a popular Sunday TV show and over-the-top testimonials on the Internet, such as those in this YouTube video where Filipinos credit Laminine with keeping a girl alive, enabling a woman to walk, and treating dengue fever. The agency wrote, “Relying on treatment based on hypes over medical science may lead to permanent physical or mental disability.”
  • “Lamininers” paid to sell Some of those appearing in the YouTube video are distributors who get paid to sell Laminine, an MLM product. These so-called “Lamininers” only make money if they sell Laminine. So it’d be wise to question their motives as they tout the benefits of this “miracle in a capsule.”
  • BBB accredited? Nope LifePharm Global Network, the company that makes Laminine and whose website is cited above, makes the online claim that it is a Better Business Bureau accredited business. But that’s simply not true, at least of this writing. The company’s BBB page makes that pretty clear.

So the bottom line: When searching for ways to turn back the biological clock, don’t put all your eggs in this basket.

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