Legal Action

In addition to bringing you information about the ins and outs of ad scams, also fights against deceptive advertising and provides information on others’ efforts to do the same.

Under’s Legal Efforts, you’ll find’s collection of notification and warning letters that our legal team has sent to companies, as well as complaint letters filed with various government agencies and private entities alerting them to misleading and deceptive ads. For each set of complaint letters, you’ll find the evidence used to support its arguments for why the marketing campaign is deceptive and the need to bring an end to the false marketing immediately.  This section also provides details about’s court filings, such as objections to unfair settlements reached in false advertising class-action lawsuits, amicus curiae briefs urging appellate courts (and even the U.S. Supreme Court) to review or reconsider decisions pertaining to deceptive marketing, and appeals of agency decisions denying its request for records about certain companies.

Under Class-Action Tracker, you’ll find information about class-action lawsuits we’re aware of involving deceptive advertising.

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