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Published on July 3rd, 2013



As heard on Sirius XM:


Lifelock tells us that “Don” became the victim of identity theft and ran into trouble at home and at work. But Lifelock doesn’t mention that most of their services can be done on your own, for free, with a couple of phone calls. And they neglect to mention that Lifelock agreed to pay $12 million in 2010 after the FTC accused the company of making deceptive claims. In July 2015, the FTC took further action and charged that the company continued to make deceptive claims in violation of the 2010 order. And while they note that their services are limited in a disclaimer at the end of the ad, they don’t tell you how. Basically there’s some important information Lifelock failed to mention in this radio spot. Think twice before forking over cash for their negative-option offer service.

For more on Lifelock, check out our article here.

This story was updated 7/22/15 

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Recurring offers or subscriptions that continue to bill you until you take steps to shut down the account. These types of offers put the onus on the consumer to remember and to take action, allowing a company to keep gathering in cash from forgetful or busy customers. Be wary of these types of offers, and remember to stop services you no longer want.

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