Published on March 4th, 2021


Mary Kay Income Claims

A TINA.org investigation has compiled a sampling of 200 examples of Mary Kay and/or its distributors making atypical income claims to promote the company’s business opportunity.

*Claims collected by TINA.org in 2017 as part of its investigation into all DSA-member companies are available here.

**TINA.org has shortened the length of some videos in the database in order to pinpoint the income claim(s).

***Claims shown below in gray have been taken down as of May 2021 audit.

+ Company Website

MK Website FAQ
MK Website Barbara Serocki
MK Website Emily Lopez
MK Website Jodi Feller
MK Website Kimberly Galindo
MK Website Samantha Springer-Miller
MK Website Shawna Schneider
MK Website Stephanie David
MK Website One Woman Can_Belle Martin (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Cecilia James (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Claudia Chavez (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Coty Maldonado (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Debbie Blackford (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Lexi Larsen (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Marni Hendricks (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Michelle Calbert (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Roxanne Mclnroe (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Rubi Vazquez (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Shannon Duguay (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Stephanie Coker (video, description)
MK Website One Woman Can_Tehrie Brinkley (video, description)
MK Website Sell Mary Kay
MK Website Understanding the Mary Kay Opportunity

+ Facebook

Company Page
MK FB 01_01_19 (video, description)
MK FB 01_17_19 (video, description)
MK FB 02_02_17 (video, description)
MK FB 02_05_19
MK FB 02_21_19 (video, description)
MK FB 04_04_19 (video, description)
MK FB 05_22_20 A
MK FB 05_22_20 B
MK FB 05_22_20 C
MK FB 05_22_20 D
MK FB 05_22_20 E
MK FB 05_22_20 F
MK FB 05_22_20 G
MK FB 05_22_20 H
MK FB 05_22_20 I
MK FB 08_21_15 (video, description)
MK FB 08_22_15 (video, description)
MK FB 08_23_15 (video, description)
MK FB 09_01_16 A
MK FB 09_01_16 B
MK FB 09_01_16 C
MK FB 09_01_16 D
MK FB 09_20_16 (video, description)
MK FB 10_10_17 (video, description)

Distributor Pages
MK FB Andrea Funk 01_11_21
MK FB Angela Price Brannon 01_03_21
MK FB Cedra Epp 01_17_21
MK FB Jordan Fryhover 01_12_21
MK FB Jordon Fryhover 01_23_21
MK FB Juan Rodriguez 01_09_21
MK FB Julie Fay 01_14_21
MK FB Julie Hernandez 01_22_21
MK FB Kayla Kaurich 01_10_21
MK FB Kelly 01_15_21
MK FB Lafreda Williams 01_17_21
MK FB Letitia McGuire 01_04_21
MK FB Marilyn Warren 12_28_20
MK FB Melissa Oberster 01_06_21
MK FB Melissa Oberster 01_27_21
MK FB Nurul Hamzah 01_06_21
MK FB Rideaux 01_12_21
MK FB Rubi Nava Vazquez 12_31_20
MK FB Sandy Lopez 01_11_21
MK FB Taylor Collier 01_15_21 A
MK FB Taylor Collier 01_15_21 B
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_07_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_11_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_13_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 01_30_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_01_21 A
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_01_21 B
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_03_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_06_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_07_21
MK FB Tehrie Brinkley 02_12_21 (video, description)
MK FB Tiffany Burnett 12_31_20
MK FB Victory 01_09_21
MK FB Wendy W Watts 01_17_21

+ Instagram

Company Page
MK IG 01_01_19 (video, description)
MK IG 01_17_19 (video, description)
MK IG 02_02_17 (video, description)
MK IG 02_05_19
MK IG 02_21_19 (video, description)
MK IG 03_31_19 (video, description)
MK IG 04_16_19
MK IG 07_26_19
MK IG 09_01_16 A (video, description)
MK IG 09_01_16 B
MK IG 09_01_16 C
MK IG 09_21_16 (video, description)
MK IG 10_10_17 (video, description)

Distributor Pages
MK IG _ceciliajames_ 09_01_20
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 04_30_20
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 07_06_20 (video, description)
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 10_22_19 A
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 10_22_19 B (video i, video ii, video iii)
MK IG adrianaramcasmk 11_08_20
MK IG akeilaab 07_01_20
MK IG akeilaab 10_02_20
MK IG akeilaab 10_22_20
MK IG akeilaab 10_28_20
MK IG akeilaab 12_15_20
MK IG bellesbelievers 10_11_19
MK IG captainn.carol 01_12_21
MK IG corabethbowler 02_04_21
MK IG daniellastowe 04_01_19
MK IG daniellastowe 04_27_19
MK IG daniellastowe 06_08_18
MK IG daniellastowe 07_02_20
MK IG daniellastowe 10_12_18
MK IG daniellastowe 10_16_20
MK IG daniellastowe 10_17_19
MK IG daniellastowe 11_14_19
MK IG daniellastowe 12_30_20
MK IG daniellehlunsford 07_26_20
MK IG darriannnn 03_16_20
MK IG darriannnn 09_09_20
MK IG darriannnn 12_17_20
MK IG iammrspinder 05_15_20
MK IG jessicaholzbach 04_05_19
MK IG jessicaholzbach 10_17_19
MK IG k_hayes83 01_07_21
MK IG lexilarsenmusic 10_24_20 (video, description)
MK IG lifewith.lauren 03_01_21
MK IG lisaallisonnsd 12_10_20
MK IG mkjilld 03_01_21
MK IG mklady1998 10_14_20
MK IG mleip_ 02_25_21
MK IG rachel___ryan 01_01_20
MK IG rachel___ryan 01_09_20
MK IG rachel___ryan 05_12_20
MK IG rachel___ryan 09_26_20 (video, description)
MK IG shannonduguay7 2_08_21 A
MK IG shannonduguay7 2_08_21 B
MK IG shannonduguay7 2_12_21
MK IG tessa.taylor.marykay 01_31_21
MK IG stacypatrick_marykay 03_01_21
MK IG winnie.dkm 12_21_20

+ Twitter

Company Page
MK Twitter 01_01_19 (video, description)
MK Twitter 02_05_19
MK Twitter 02_21_19 (video, description)
MK Twitter 03_31_19 (video, description)
MK Twitter 05_25_19
MK Twitter 06_05_19 (video, description)

+ YouTube

Company Channel
MK YT 01_08_16 A (video, description)
MK YT 01_08_16 B (video, description)
MK YT 01_11_16 (video, description)
MK YT 01_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT 04_15_16 (video, description)
MK YT 05_22_20 (video, description)
MK YT 06_19_20 (video, description)
MK YT 07_10_20 (video, description)
MK YT 07_17_20 (video, description)
MK YT 08_11_20 (video, description)
MK YT 09_09_19 (video, description)
MK YT 09_20_16 (video, description)
MK YT 09_20_17 (video, description)
MK YT 09_22_20 (video, description)

Distributor Channels
MK YT Amy 01_08_16 (video, description)
MK YT Amy Hayes 02_03_20 (video, description)
MK YT Auri Hatheway 05_02_20 (video, description)
MK YT Carina Elizabeth 03_08_16 (video, description)
MK YT Carrie Zuberer 09_07_20 (video, description)
MK YT Catherine Bigger 08_28_20 (video, description)
MK YT Christina Sonnichsen 05_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT Cindy Machado-Flippen 02_25_19 (video, description)
MK YT Claire Mason 01_22_21 (video, description)
MK YT Dana Andrews 01_07_21 (video, description)
MK YT Daniella Stowe 09_10_20 (video, description)
MK YT Epic Opportunity 03_26_20 (video)
MK YT Gloria Mayfield Banks 04_02_13 (video, description)
MK YT Janelle Witmer 11_22_20 (video, description)
MK YT Jenna Ducat 09_23_20 (video, description)
MK YT Kanasha Blue 10_20_20 (video, description)
MK YT Kirsten Simon 09_12_20 (video, description)
MK YT Kisha Zullo 11_27_20 (video, description)
MK YT Lauren Sweeney 02_15_19 (video, description)
MK YT Laurie Jackson 09_17_20 (video, description)
MK YT Lisa Zimmerman 05_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT Mary Ann Brenchick 08_06_20 (video, description)
MK YT MaryBeth Spielvogel 09_03_20 (video, description)
MK YT Melissa Makarick 06_24_20 (video, description)
MK YT Michelle Bailey 08_14_20 (video, description)
MK YT Pink Flamingo Studio 05_27_20 (video, description)
MK YT Portia Franklin 01_16_15 (video, description)
MK YT Sabra Adkins 05_21_20 (video, description)
MK YT Taylor Walker 07_05_20 (video, description)
MK YT Tehrie Brinkley 01_15_21 (video, description)
MK YT Wendy Sorensen 09_19_20 (video, description)
MK YT Work Pray Slay 01_30_21 (video, description)

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