Status and Updates

July 16, 2021: Determining that Mary Kay had removed many of the claims identified by from publication, the DSSRC closes its investigation and issues a case report stating that the company and its distributors had indeed been making inappropriate income claims to promote the company’s business opportunity. However, as of the date of the DSSRC’s case report, several deceptive income claims published by Mary Kay and its distributors remain in circulation.

March 9, 2021: Because the vast majority of the deceptive income claims remain in publication after’s communications with Mary Kay, files a complaint with the DSSRC urging it to investigate Mary Kay’s deceptive income claims and take action.

March 8, 2021: Mary Kay responds to stating, among other things, that it has reviewed the materials brought to its attention and “believe the net impression of the videos and other materials identified in [’s] correspondence do not misrepresent the potential of the Mary Kay opportunity.”

March 5, 2021: After finding an additional 200 examples of unsubstantiated income claims marketing the Mary Kay business opportunity, sends another letter to Mary Kay urging the company to remove the claims from publication.

December 18, 2017: sends a letter to Mary Kay (as part of’s 2017 investigation into all DSA-member companies) informing it of’s findings that the company is making false and unsubstantiated income claims to promote its business opportunity.

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