Match the Super Bowl 53 Advertiser with the Disputed Ad Claim

January 30th, 2019

Usually when the Super Bowl rolls around we trot out a list advertisers called out for deceptive marketing. We thought we’d do something different this year and sort of flip the script. Each of the following Super Bowl 53 advertisers has been the subject of either a class-action lawsuit or a inquiry regarding false or misleading ad claims: Audi, Bumble, Colgate, Diet Pepsi, Pringles, Stella Artois. It’s your job to match the advertiser with the disputed ad claim. The first one’s a freebie.

Ready? OK, here are the answers: 1. F, 2. D, 3. E, 4. A, 5. B, 6. C. (See related coverage here: Audi, Bumble, Colgate, Diet Pepsi, Pringles, Stella Artois.)

If you didn’t get them all, worry not. We have Puppy Monkey Baby from Super Bowl 50 to cheer you up:

Until next year, sports fans.

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