MLM Health Claims Database

Between March and November 2016, the Direct Selling Association (DSA) listed 62 DSA-member companies selling nutritional supplements.* investigated each one of these companies and found that 60 of them (or 97%) have made or are making — either directly or through their distributors — claims that the companies’ products (which include supplements, as well as devices, clothing, and skin care products) can treat, cure, prevent, alleviate the symptoms of, or reduce the risk of developing diseases or disorders, in violation of the law. catalogued more than 2,000 instances of such inappropriate health claims across 60 companies, which are all available below. Each database provides only a small sampling of inappropriate health claims being made. (Note: shortened the length of some videos in the database and highlighted some images in order to pinpoint the health claim(s).)

Each of the companies below has been notified of’s findings.

* The DSA Member Directory that was available in March 2016 lists a total of 61 nutritional supplement member companies. (Sixty are listed as selling nutritional supplements and one — Zrii — is not listed as selling anything at all but found that the company does indeed sell nutritional supplements.)

Five of the 61 companies listed in the March 2016 DSA Member Directory — Agel Enterprises, Inc., Nikken, Inc., SOZO Global, Inc., Stemtech International, and Xango LLC — do not appear on the DSA Member Directory available in November 2016, which lists one new nutritional supplement member company that was not listed as of March 2016, Forever Living Products.

The two companies listed as DSA members selling nutritional supplements that are not included in this database are Team National, which focuses primarily on selling a cost-savings membership, and Orenda International.