Modeling Opportunity May Just Take Your Dough

January 10th, 2012

There’s nothing like a stranger telling you that you should be a model to boost your self-esteem.  And there’s nothing like falling for a trap and losing your hard-earned money to destroy your confidence.  And that’s the paradox of modeling scams.  They build you up and then take your cash.

Many modeling scammers will offer you what you think is an interview for a modeling job, but when you get there, you find out they’re only offering expensive photo shoots and top-dollar “training” sessions.  And just to rub salt in your wound, they’re not offering you the photo shoots or modeling lessons because they truly think you have that special look.  They’re inviting you to jump on board because you have a bank account.

These are exactly the kind of deceptive marketing tactics that hundreds of individuals charged interFACE with.  In July 2011, New Jersey’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the company and its owner claiming, among other things, that it violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.  For more information on the specifics, click here.

So, how can you avoid the beauty trap?  Here are some tips:

  1. Never sign a document without reading and understanding it first.
  2. Don’t trust companies that only accept cash payments.
  3. Ask for the names and contact info of models who have landed jobs after signing-up for the company’s photography or training.  Then contact those models and ask them about their experience (but watch out for potential shills out there and ask detailed questions).
  4. Be wary of claims about high salaries.  The big bucks are usually reserved for the Heidi Klum’s of the world.
  5. Do your homework.  Ask your local Better Business Bureau or state Attorney General’s office if any consumer complaints have been filed against the company.  But remember – just because you don’t find any complaints doesn’t necessarily mean the company’s in the clear.  It could also mean that no one has gotten around to complaining yet.

And the most important thing to remember?  Don’t let your emotions take over.  It’s so easy to get roped in by someone who makes you feel like a superstar.


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