Status and Updates

September 20, 2021: files a complaint with the FTC regarding New Balance’s violations of the Made in USA Labeling Rule and FTC Act.

August 13, 2021: The FTC’s Made in USA Labeling Rule becomes effective.

August 22, 2019: files with the FTC a Petition for Rulemaking to Promulgate Regulations for Made in the USA Claims.

September 6, 1996: The FTC resolves its case against New Balance but drops its claims regarding the company’s unqualified Made in USA claims for products assembled in the U.S. from foreign and domestic components, and only prohibits the company from misrepresenting that footwear made wholly abroad is made in the U.S.

September 20, 1994: The FTC files a complaint against New Balance for, among other things, deceptive Made in USA marketing.

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