Published on April 8th, 2020


New U Life Coronavirus Claims

A TINA.org investigation has cataloged examples of marketing materials in which New U Life distributors claim that its flagship product, Somaderm, can improve the immune system during the coronavirus pandemic and thus able to help treat and/or prevent COVID19.

Gel 4 Your Health FB 03_12_20
Gel 4 Your Health FB 03_31_20
Interview with a Scientist part 1 A, B, C, D
Kathryn Wilson FB 03_17_20
Kathryn Wilson FB 03_28_20
Mike Chang FB 03_13_20
Ricky Lin FB 03_17_20
SomaDerm Hgh FB 03_26_20
Yenni Kilingsworth FB 03_17_20
Yenni Kilingsworth FB 03_26_20

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  1. Robert W. says:

    It’s about time New U Life is held accountable for all the deceptive advertising. This is a company with no ethics whatsoever.

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