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Published on December 18th, 2013


Night Bullet Male Sexual Enhancer Capsules

The FDA conducted an inspection of Green Planet Inc and found that Green Planet’s supplement Night Bullet Male Sexual Enhancer Capsules was an unapproved drug being advertised in violation of FDA regulations. The FDA sent a warning letter to Green Plant this month.

FDA testing found that the capsules contained analogues to sildenafll and tadalafll, the active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis, respectively. Green Planet Inc advertised Night Bullet Male Sexual Enhancer Capsules — NIGHT BULLET! — with claims such as:

  • “Scientifically calculated to multiply your Sexual Drive and Stamina!”
  • “Maximize Orgasm Duration & Intensity!”
  • “Clinically proven to provide powerful Erections!”
  • “Designed for Sexual Stimulation”
  • “Increase Male Size and Firmness”
  • “Eliminate Premature Ejaculation”

While Night Bullet may have fulfilled some of its claims, because of its undeclared ingredients it could be a danger to consumers who don’t realize what they’re putting into their bodies. The FDA warns that “patients who take nitrates and consume Night Bullet may be at risk of life-threatening hypotension.”

Consumers should think carefully before spending money on a supplement that’s being marketed as a drug. You may be putting your health at risk over promises of firmness — though you would of course be quiet stiff should you die, so keep that in mind too.

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