Nutella & Go!

February 2019: This case was transferred to federal court. (Case No. 19-cv-622, N. D. CA.)

December 2018: A class-action complaint was filed against Ferrero USA for allegedly deceptively packaging Nutella & Go! containers of nutella and breadsticks or pretzels to make consumers believe they are getting more product than they actually are. The complaint claims that the nutella side of the opaque containers is 50% empty space. Plaintiffs also claim that the individual containers come in cardboard sleeves that make it difficult for consumers to examine the products. (Drucker et al v. Ferrero USA, Inc., Case No. CGC-18-571845, California Superior Court – San Francisco)

For more of’s coverage of slack-filled packaging, click here.

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You know when you buy a big bag of chips, and you’re all psyched for a feast, and then it turns out there are like, three chips in the bag? That bag is slack filled.

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