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Published on November 19th, 2013


Optima Tax Relief


Optima Tax Relief advertises its services on the radio and television with TV dad Alan Thicke, who advises you not to “mess with the IRS.” Instead, he says in the ad, work with Optima Tax Relief and you could “qualify for a tax settlement that’s 75% lower than before these recent changes.”

The recent changes Optima Tax Relief advertises are the IRS’s Fresh Start Initiative, which allows those with tax debt to create a payment plan with the IRS or even settle for less than the amount owed.

But can Optima and other advertising tax services work for you? The FTC says to be skeptical of advertising promises made by tax relief companies. Only certain folks are eligible to settle with the IRS for less than they owe, as generally the IRS is interested in extracting as much as they’re owed as possible. You could be paying a tax relief company a fee for their services and still pay the IRS just as much.

And before you pay someone else to represent you, know that the IRS also offers free help for people struggling to understand tax law.

Consumers should be wary of tax relief claims, and do research before listening even to the most trusted TV dads.

For more on tax relief services, click here.

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  1. Timothy V. says:

    I have been doing due dilligence on Optima and am now probably not going to go with them. They wanted $900 to just look into my case and I called another company that is a law firm in San Diego and they said it was $450 and they even gave me a link to see if I wanted to do the settlement myself. I think anyone considering a settlement should look at this before they hire someone:

    I might be able to do this myself or I might hire these people but I am definitely not hiring Optima after looking into it and seeing the comment above on the $4000 fee.

    The most telling thing to me was the bottom of their home page it says “we do not offer legal advice.” Then what are they really doing? Just preparing the forms with no advice? Awful.

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