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HSBC Auto-Dial

January 9th, 2013

In January 2013, a class-action lawsuit was filed against HSBC claiming that it auto-dialed cell phones without permission and left prerecorded and artificial voice messages, violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. (Stephen Comstock v. HSBC Bank U.S.A. N.A., Case No. 13-cv-0001) &nbs

Domino’s Pizza Robo-Call

January 7th, 2013

Despite denying any wrongdoing, Domino’s Pizza (and an independent franchisee, RPM Pizza, LLC) recently agreed to pay $9.75 million to settle a 2010 class-action lawsuit.  The lawsuit alleged that Domino’s sent pre-recorded phone ads to consumers’ cell phones without their consent.  For more information, go to  (Spillman v. Domino’s Pizza LLC and RPM Pizza,

U.S. Department of Justice

January 10th, 2012

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), which is led by the Attorney General, is the federal executive department responsible for enforcing federal laws.  Among other things, it works with other federal agencies (such as the FTC) to…

Is Your Cellphone Spying on You?

January 3rd, 2012

The mobile phone world was rocked in November 2011 when a systems administrator from Connecticut posted a 17-minute video on YouTube showcasing how a hidden program installed on millions of smartphones is apparently logging your keystrokes.

Smarten up about Cell Phone Fraud

October 27th, 2011

There are now over 6 billion cell phones in use around the world.  Just like everyone else, the con artists and fraudsters are also leveraging the rise of cell phone technologies in their own special way – by swindling the innocent.

Cookies & Behaviorial Tracking

October 24th, 2011

Computer or HTTP cookies are basically little packets of information saved on your computer by the websites you visit.  While some

Stopping Telemarketing Calls

October 14th, 2011

Don’t let yourself become a target of deceptive telemarketing calls. When you get that annoying call right in the middle of dinner, your first instinct is to hang up, right?

Who Can You Complain to at the Federal Level?

October 1st, 2011

Spot an ad that you think has issues?  Want to complain to a federal agency?  Here’s a topic-by-topic list of federal agencies that deal with deceptive advertising. (Note that sometimes more than one agency deals with a certain type of advertisement or label, which can get confusing.  When in doubt, it’s safest to complain to

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