Summary of Action investigated Plexus Worldwide, an Arizona-based MLM company that markets nutritional supplements, weight-loss, and personal care products, and found a plethora of issues.  Chief among them are that the company and its distributors make numerous unsubstantiated health and income claims to market Plexus products and its business opportunity.  As a result of’s findings, on December 9, 2016, it posted a detailed article informing consumers of issues they should be aware of when considering Plexus.

Two months later, despite assurances from the company that it was enhancing its compliance procedures, deceptive and unsubstantiated claims made directly by the company, as well as its distributors, were still in publication.  Thus, on February 2, 2017, sent a letter to the company urging it to hold itself to the same standards it is allegedly asking of its distributors and to start by removing over 80 deceptive company “documentaries” from its YouTube channel.  Such videos feature representations that participants are, among other things, set for life, quitting their jobs, making more money than they ever thought possible, realizing financial freedom and becoming stay-at-home parents.  These representations, together with images of expensive homes, luxury cars, and exotic vacations, clearly make express and implied income claims that the FTC has expressly indicated violate the law.

Later that same day, Plexus removed the deceptive “documentaries” from its YouTube page. will continue to monitor Plexus, its progress, and future marketing materials to determine if further action is needed.

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