Summary of Action

Resorts360 Vacation Club, LLC is operating an illegal pyramid scheme under the guise of a lucrative “private travel club.” It flaunts its discounted vacation packages and promises a six-figure income if you purchase one of its expensive vacation club memberships, which can cost up to $10,000. But what it doesn’t tell you is that, because member compensation is based exclusively on the recruitment of new participants and not on the sale of any vacation packages, it is eventually doomed to collapse because there is a finite number of potential participants. The truth? You’re more likely to lose a ton of money than make a dime with Resorts360.

Upon discovering the scheme, sent complaint letters to the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General of Washington (where Resorts360 is based), urging each of them to take action. has also sent a letter to the company’s president, Rodger Rutter, demanding that the company cease and desist its illegal pyramid scheme, and a letter to the Better Business Bureau urging that it reevaluate its positive rating of the company.

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