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Published on February 15th, 2013


Sensa Facing Eight Lawsuits and Counting

Question: What do you get when you market a “tastant” crystal as a surefire way to lose over 30 pounds in six months?

Answer: Over eight lawsuits and an investigation by nine California district attorneys.

Yes, it’s a lawyer’s fantasy come true. But perhaps not so much for the defendant in these cases, Intelligent Beauty, Inc., maker of the SENSA sprinkle diet. So far, it has settled one of the class-action lawsuits for $9 million and reached a settlement with the nine California district attorneys for about $900,000 in civil penalties. In both instances, Sensa denied any wrongdoing.

As for the other seven lawsuits, they are still pending. These suits generally allege that Intelligent Beauty’s claims that Sensa will allow a consumer to “Lose 30 Pounds Without Dieting” by eating their favorite foods, with no restrictive dieting, no calorie counting, and no sacrifice, are deceptive, misleading, false, and unfair to the average consumer. Ouch!

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