Sensa Weight-Loss Crystals

September 2018: A federal judge denied the plaintiffs’ motion for class certification finding that they did not establish several of the requirements for class certification. The judge found that the plaintiffs may be able to fix the problems and gave them until February 21, 2019 to file a renewed motion for class certification.

April 2015: Three similar cases (Conde v. Sensa, Delaney v. Sensa, and Stokes v. Sensa) were consolidated to be heard together. (Case No. 14-cv-51, S. D. CA.)

July 2014: The same named-plaintiff filed a new complaint in a different court (this time in California district court rather than Florida) making similar allegations. This complaint alleges that Sensa falsely promises consumers who sprinkle its products on their food will lose weight without dieting when, according to the named plaintiff, the Sensa products do not work as advertised. (Stokes et al v. Sensa Products, LLC and Does 1-10, Case No. 14-cv-02325, S. D. CA.).

June 2014: A federal judge dismissed a false advertising class-action lawsuit without prejudice (meaning that plaintiffs can refile their lawsuit) finding that the plaintiffs failed to both indicate the parties’ citizenship and establish that the amount in controversy was more than $5,000,000, as required to have a class-action lawsuit in federal court. The complaint, which was originally filed earlier that month, alleged that Sensa Products LLC falsely represents that consumers who sprinkle the Sensa weight-loss crystals on their food will lose weight without dieting when, according to plaintiffs, the Sensa crystals do not work as advertised. The judge gave the plaintiffs until June 27, 2014 to file an amended complaint properly alleging jurisdiction, but the plaintiffs did not meet this deadline. (Stokes et al v. Sensa Products, LLC and Does 1-10, Case No. 14-cv-00322, M. D. FL.).

For more information about other class-action lawsuits regarding the false marketing of Sensa products and’s coverage of the issue, click here.


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